Administrative Team

Birkes Elementary Admin Team

1st Row - left to right:  Becky Pope - Diagnostician; Diane Flood - Librarian; Vanessa Montalvo - Nurse;  Stacie Everson - Principal; Megan Fernandez - Assistant Principal; Tami Scamman - Instructional Specialist; AnnDrea Searby - Counselor

 2nd Row - left to right:  Lauree Johnson - Assistant Principal; Angel Harrington - Admin Secretary; Linda Ellison - Secretary: Denise Patrick - Counselor; Amanda Moyer - Registrar; Erin Thaemlitz - Instructional Specialist


Stacie Everson

Assistant Principal for grades 2, 3, & 5

Megan Fernandez

Assistant Principal for grades PPCD, K, 1, & 4

Lauree Johnson

Counselor for grades 2, 3, & 5

Denise Patrick

Counselor for grades PPCD, K, 1, & 4

AnnDrea Searby

Media Specialist

Diane Flood


Vanessa Montalvo

Instructional Specialist

Tamra Scamman

Instructional Specialist

Erin Thaemlitz


Becky Pope


Amanda Moyer


Linda Ellison
Angel Harrington


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